I am updating while baby's asleep...

I wanted to update since last 2 weeks but things have been pretty hectic this holy month of Ramadhan and I have been finding it difficult to fulfill that goal. Well, actually, 'difficult' is not really the right word for it… it is just not my priority while I juggle other stuff…

I told the one that I am supposed to add another point in my previous post – where we had also started to shop more wisely ever since little jj arrived. Especially in this unstable economy situation and I am contributing much lesser $$$ now that I do not have a full time job. But, this has been a good change… we had observed prices to goods we normally buy and we weigh our options more wisely. And, we kinda compare prices especially on little jj's diaper where at times we would get Huggies Dry Comfort while at times, Mamy Poko, both realiable brands and since over a month ago started to offer pretty competitive discounts depending on where it is sold.

Last 2 weekends, we had taken advantage of the SOGO pre-sale where things were going on offer like nobody’s business. The Mamy Poko that is sold around RM42 per pack at Tesco and RM39 at Giant was offered at RM31.50 per pack. The day before, Huggies Dry Comfort was on sale but the one couldn't get to it on time after work as it was sold out. If you have a little baby, and you breastfeed him/her, you would understand how costly it is getting good disposable diapers as you'd need to change the baby quite often. Since we missed out on Huggies, we made some calculations and found that Mamy Poko was an even better bargain per piece. And since I had wanted to check out the Raya sale there that Saturday, we decided to dash for disposable diapers as well ;D

I’ve always liked their sale as they are pretty genuine and their sales promoters are really friendly, unlike those in bigger-supposedly-better shopping malls where the promoters either irritate you as they know you ain’t buying or they judge you with insulting ways at times.

We got such a good bargain but we only stayed for awhile… there were too many people that it was pretty difficult to move around since we were there with a baby stroller. However, I do have to give due credit to the department store as they were very considerate. When we arrived, it was almost 10 am, one hour after they had opened and since their sale was extraordinary, people crowd the mall like swarm of bees, so much so that police even had to barricade the lane heading towards the parking lot as it was already full! We had to go one big circle across the Merdeka Square towards Jalan Parlimen back to Jalan Raja Laut and decided to park at Maju Junction. The thing was… it was drizzling and we had our little baby with us.

Walah… the sporty stroller that I got was put to the test and it aced the test! I realised that I had bought a sporty stroller that is durable on harsh terrain as it has large tyres and a large waterproof hood that effectively kept little jj comfortable and dry. We were worried for nothing and I was glad that I got the simple Graco stroller during the Mega Sale in December 2007.

Little jj slept soundly all throughout the journey even thru those rough pavement. And when we got to the entrance, the line was so long, you'd wonder how the situation looked like inside... we didn't mind queueing up but the security officers saw us and asked us if we had a little baby in the protected stroller and immediately helped the one lift the stroller up the short stairs, escorted us towards their other colleague and we instantly entered the mall via another door sans the queue! It felt so good especially since we took a 1 hour drive going thru a bad traffic jam having to detour to find another place to park, etc. Well done, SOGO.

It was still drizzling when we left later in the afternoon and I kinda got a little rain on me although I used the umbrella and fell sick after. After all, I had only finished my confinement period and I believe was still a little vulnerable to the cold. Thankfully, I only had minor flu and only got better on Monday.

In the weekdays, waking up early to prepare sahur and taking care of the baby throughout the day can be pretty tiring. Especially since I am trying to finish off several baju rayas while tending to the little one. So far, I had only started on my mom’s and I still have my MIL’s, mine and aiming to do the one’s baju melayu as well, which I am not sure if it is possible now, looking at how demanding little jj can be. I will also have to do my best buddy’s little girl’s baju kurung and am waiting for her to send over the material.

With the hectic schedule and lack of sleep, I got sick again last weekend with the bout of flu and I hope I can complete the bajus. Hence, updating the blog, or even logging into the net has not been my priority. Heck, that also includes checking my phone for missed calls or sms.

Hopefully, things will get thru fine come Raya.

Now, am eagerly observing the political scenario and playing guessing games with the one. Heh.

Oh, I would also like to thank Zaza for sending little jj such a beautiful gift that she has personally made. You’re so creative la girl… I feel so touched and looking forward to one day tell little jj that aunty Zaza sends her girly gifts all the way from Holland! *kisses to you and Aidan*

Well, till then, let's hope the local political hu-ha's and the current global economy slump brought by the US economy will not affect us that badly. But then again, who am I kidding...


omegasupreme said...

Dear Juan,

Am actually saving up your daily post of life with Jada as future tips. It would definitely come handy when my time comes.

Kiss Jada nice wishes from me ya. Will try to catch up with you and Acat soon.

emly2175 said...

diapers shopping ! Something that we never have to do before.. Diapers is on the 1st ranking when we totally need it for our baby.. I see that u are well versed with the diapers pricing.. heheh.. Imagine dolu hanya tgk harga baju & beg aje.. ;)

Omecool20 said...

yep, when we started buying diapers .. we just bought what we thought was the cheapest, but then we began to compare which brand fitted Zara better. We use Fitti now as it the most cost effective.. the trick is to divide the price over the number of units per pack. Amazingly, you save more when you buy the bigger pack :-)

Hope to see u guys Raya nanti :D

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

absolutely love to read about little jj and mommy with all the shopping... its a whole new life eh juan? enjoy my dear. it is pure rewarding!

and.. you're most welcome!!

all our love!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hi juan! emly is rite you know, i thinkk i'm more well-versed with diapers and formula prices now...baju baju sendiri dah tak ingat...heheee.... anyway, after scouting around (taking into consideration of the distance from our place to any shops), i've found Speedmart 99 supermarket offer the most competitive price for mamy poko (rm35.85 for 38pcs)and areya's isomil plus EyeQ....heheee....

babe, next year boleh tak i book you awal2 to jahit areya's baju kurung?

take care & Selamat Hari Raya

Sarclover said...


owh.. babe.. you free lance je ke now? so no longer rolling with the big guns anymore?

toughcookie said...

dear ahmad,
thanks for the lovely buka puasa treat the other day...

as for tips on Jada, i'm sure things will progress much more when it's your time with your junior/(s) hehe... like recently when eju shared with me that mothercare has this liquid powder for babies... i've never heard that before and no one mentioned that in our ante-natal class. talcum powder can be harmful to babies and not advisable to be used on newborns. but, with the liquid powder, your baby'll get that fresh and dry feeling with less risks (they contain parabens, which is harmful as well... so, take your pick - talc vs. paraben or none at all) ;)

hi emly!
selamat hari raya...

hehhe... sekarang ni pricing semua nak check. baju, bags and shoes suma dah tolak tepi ;P

ome dude,
fitti, eh? i don't think i've seen it. masa dapat sample haritu, i absolutely love the brand, sealer. it is so soft to the touch... cottony inside out! best gile. so far i only saw small packs in cold storage, BSC. haven't really checked other supermarkets. i believe the price is quite reasonable too...

toughcookie said...

zaza darling...
luv you back!

dear anis,
you a mamy poko lover too?? hehe... funny that pampers was soooo popular those days. sekarang, people don't really fancy pampers although that is a general term for disposable diapers amongst us malaysians ;P

sure, darling... would love to be of service to your little darling.

Selamat hari raya to you too!

sarcy dear...
been awhile since our last chat eh?

yup. unfortunately, my biggest gun now is the little chubby cheeks. am freelancing til she's a little bigger. but, there could be a good possibility that i'd freelance forever if things come in the way the are now :)

how was raya?