Making the most of an empty tube.

"... do you have any useful household tips that you can share in this column?"

Toughcookie says:
Thanks for asking me this question because I do have something I'd like to share concerning how we can make the most of an almost empty tube of beauty product. I don't know if you are already aware of this particular method because I think I got it either from the Martha Stewart show or Rachael Ray's... but I do think it may help enlighten many people because my family members would always give me that amazed stare whenever I do it. It's as if this particular method is so brilliant.

So, allow me to share.

I started doing this because I always felt that I haven't quite used up a tube entirely even when the products cannot be squeezed out anymore. Call me a scrimp if you like but I call it being efficient. I just hate wastage, especially when beauty products can be pretty expensive. So, the first step would be to cut off the top part of the tube using a pair of sharp scissors.

bear in mind that you should do this only when you're sure it's almost empty and that nothing can come out of the tube anymore when it is squeezed and flattened repeatedly.

Once the top part is cut off, it will be large enough for you to dip your finger into it and you could even swipe your finger on its walls to ensure that you've really used up the content.

I assure you, you would always be able to get at least one or two more application.

for this particular tube of clay masque, I was able to use it for another 4 times due to its thick content ;)

Just imagine if I hadn't done this and would simply throw away the 'empty' tube when there's plenty more in it. Yes, you may find that there'll be excess amount of cream/masque/cleanser/anything that comes in a tube and so, don't fret... you can either use a large paper clip or in my case, a piece of clothes peg did the trick to keep the content fresh for the next beauty pampering session :)

all the tubes around it will enjoy the same fate once they run out ;)

Did you find this interesting?


The Wan And Only said...

Oooh, all expensive brands...

toughcookie said...

investment dude, investment. i neglected my skin for a year and a half after the baby and terus went crazy with them luxury products, because I'm Worth It ;)

tapi lepas they run out, nak go back to drugstore brands cos the skin probably needs lesser attention until another year, perhaps?? hehe.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

aku pun selalu gak buat mcm tu.hehehe.esp ubat gigi lah!hehehe

Skutik said...

Haha... i've been doing the same thing for a long long time dah. Not only the ones in the tube, botol lotion yang keras pun i will kerat with a sharp knife.

Jimat berbaloi2. ;)

Konot said...

ohh!! sangat interesting! toughcookie the very the pandai!!

azzamoro said...

interesting... tak pernah pun terfikir nak buat mcm ni.. selalu kalau rase macam dah abeh.. buang terus je.. hehe

isabelle said...

ehehehe..mula2 i bygkan what tubes?
tubes yg org sarung kat badan tu ke? tube yg mcm LRT tu ke?
hehehe. ok...i mmg bangang.

toughcookie said...

ubat gigi i tak pernah try sebab my husband sangat rajin memicit tube sampai kering ;)

so memang betul la bukan i sorang je dalam mesia ni yang buat cenggini ek... memang jimat dan amat puas hati kan?

toughcookie said...

oohh chenkyiu... i pun belajar daripada orang jugak dear :)

tu la kan kalau tak selalunya pun i buang je...

toughcookie said...

takpe... dimaafkan sebab ibu mengandung hehe...

Nia said...

good tips Juan. Walaupun simple, tapi tak terfikir nak buat mcm tu, biasa main buang je..hehe