What's his most terrifying secret?

"that he’s Shiro, a superhero from another life who came all the way from 3,000 years ago in search of me, to save me from the doldrums of life, swoop me off my feet so that I obtain great happiness, make me feel like I’m the sexiest, most wonderful and luckiest woman on earth, and then tell me that he’s fulfilled my wish and he has to go back to his former life because his wife and kids are waiting for him :("
Hehe... that was what I wrote when Nuffnang asked its members what is the secret you’re afraid your other half is hiding from you... in order to win a pair of tickets to watch Killers, on 3rd June 2010.

This is my first time ever trying to win free movie tickets. Not so much of the excitement of catching this particular movie but eager enough to have a good excuse to catch a movie with the one... that's all ;P

Only 80 most creative comments will get to go to the preview and mine's probably already the 200th comment *sigh*


unlisted_one said...

huh? is it true? hehe..

hope you get the movie tickets dear, nanti boleh dating lagi sekali. Heroine dia i suka, Katherine Heigl. Wah, dari Grey's anatomy i suka tgk dia!

toughcookie said...

tu la... harap dapat jugak ;P suka dating. dah lama tak dating hehe... nia tak try get the tickets? i tak berapa minat katherine heigl tapi minat sangat ngan ashton kutcher :D