A pleasant unplanned Sunday :)

Last Sunday we had to force ourselves out of the apartment as TNB was doing some maintenance work at our condo and there would be a power outage from 10am-3pm.

We were pretty lazy to do anything at first since we were already out almost an entire day the day before. But... since both our pwincesh and the little munchkin cannot stand the heat these days, we knew we had to find something to do outside.

At first, we even thought of going for a 'picnic' at our poolside... you know, just to swim all day, have lunch from McD's, bask in the sun, and then swim summore... but it's fine if there were just the one and I... it wouldn't be very comfortable for little jj, though, as she'd need her nap and all.

So, by 10ish, we were out having breakfast at our favourite Restoran Subang, opposite FAM. We took our sweet time, have the car washed just behind the restaurant and just lepak. It has been awhile since we relaxed like this. Usually, we'd always be pressed for time, wanting to rush here and there trying to get as many things done as possible. It was a nice change to be able to sit, read the papers, enjoy the food and not worry about what comes next.

beautiful moments with your loved ones, must be captured on camera :)

gambar bersama 'adik' hehe...

little jj on daddy's HTC Hero. there's no SIM card in it as daddy's now hooked on his E72 ;)

We were still contemplating on 2 things... to head over to my mom's place which was just 10 minutes away or we could either head on to IOI Mall, Puchong (because we've never ever been there!) or Mines Shopping Centre because it was far and little jj could enjoy the view of the water way ala Venice or we could just go 1 Utama again because we know what we could do there. When we got into the car, the one suddenly suggested Sunway Pyramid since it is huge enough to while away time until electricity comes back on at our place and also because it has been such a long time since we went there.

So, Sunway Pyramid it was.

First up, definitely and always, the IT section. Since years back, Sunway Pyramid's IT section has always been said to be comparable to the shops at Low Yat. Thus, most of the gadgets that we own came from here, if not the Digital Mall at Section 14, PJ. The one could spend hours in this section especially if he drops by his favourite gaming shop. Heck, even choosing a suitable mouse for his netbook takes awhile before he settles for something he really likes. As for moi, my opinion doesn't really count since I am not a techie geek and have not much techie knowledge, and that my choices are always based on cosmetic factor hehe... so, yeah.. take that orange mouse because it is tiny and cute or that bright red laptop because red is gorgeous ;P then again, I am biased in some stuff like I only use Nokia phones after a not-that-great experience using the Sony Ericsson's K700i and the Motorola's Motoming, and I only use a Mac computer because I think they are the best in terms of its processing system, gorgeous factor and value for money. So, I am not much help in this department ;P

When it was almost close to lunch time, we decided to grab something for little jj since all of us are still full from the big breakfast we had earlier. I suddenly remembered my best buddy, Ai Mei, whom I met on Friday, mentioning this delectable cheese hot dog pretzel from Auntie Anne's. She said that her Jeremy loved it and I thought of giving it a try.

So, there I went, queueing up for the hot dog when the one then gave me a signal that little jj was fast asleep in her stroller hehe... grabbed an additional lemonade and snack for us all to rest our feet before embarking on our journey to dunno whichothershops.

daddy checking his email while little jj sleeps. excuse me for buying the Glamour magazine on a whim... i just cannot help it with SJP on its cover ;P

I think we scoured every single inch of the mall! hehe... oh, and I made sure to drop by one of my latest favourite outlet - Marks & Spencer. See... their clothes have always been too large for me but recently, I just discovered that their clothes sit well on my [slightly] heavier bod and their jeans/pants look so perfect on me. If you've never checked them out, you should... they have improved a lot on their designs and they do not look as boring as they did before. Then again, I think our local distributors were the ones who brought in them boring designs from the UK.

I was looking high and low for some of their collection I saw in their catalogue but was disppointed when I checked out their outlets in 1U and KLCC. What do you know... the one in Sunway Pyramid actually has a better variety in their store! Well, at least in my opinion.

The jeans and pants that I've bought in M&S are really smart for us moms with tummies because the waistband is placed so perfectly on our problem area and your tummy will not look bulgy. You know how it is with those low-waisted pants/jeans which will give you that 'spare tyre' look especially when you sit down???... hah... no more of those when I sit ;) Oh, for those of you with 'thunder-thighs', their pants and jeans will fit you well too :)

I also think that their fitting rooms are roomier here... could it be due to the fact that they are built with the Arabs in mind? I mean, we all know the nearby Sunway Resort Hotel is always a popular hangout for those from the Middle East.

an intercom in its fitting room?

Little jj had a really good sleep and woke up around 2 hours later when we were all trying out some healthy fruit concoction just a floor above the skating rink. They were giving out some free-tasting mixed fruit juice and since we were already pretty tired from walking 20km (kidding!) we decided to give them a try.

still asleep when we were on our 2nd treat...

While we were there, we even caught a couple who ordered just one drink and played a game on their respective iPhones, with each other... kind of reminded us those days when we were dating where we always played scrabble on our Palm, using the infrared to connect to each other after we've formed our words ;)

they have quite a big menu there, as you can also view in their website. it was difficult for me to choose one as they all looked very healthy and very delicious!

When little jj woke up, I fed her the hot dog and boy, did she love it... she ate 3/4 of it. I was surprised that she could really eat that much :D

It was almost 4pm when we decided to make a move. But before we left Sunway Pyramid, we went over to their babies' changing room (I love their baby room, as reviewed here before).

where can you find such a spacious changing room, with a small play area and everything else...

When we got home, the electricity was already back on and instead of continuing work, I decided to join my boys and pwincesh in the pool.

I've always been a person who likes things to be well planned according to time and specific schedules so that I could plan out when (and how long I'd need) for house chores like laundry or even work that needs to be done on the computer. But sometimes, in cases like this, it sure was fun to be able to just relax and not be restricted to time. Of course I can't do that all the time because I'd need to prioritise my tasks as I could never tell what will happen next with the baby and deadlines I've committed but it sure was welcoming to be able to just put any worries aside and deal with things as and when.


The Momster said...

I've learnt to relax a bit too... like not get too worried over time and all... but it's tough when you're used to being so organized n well planned. But i think it's good for the blood pressure! Hehehe.

Good to see you had fun!

Nia said...

toilet kat Sunway memang rileks kan Juan..luas jerk. Kan best kalau kami pun boleh keluar2 selalu mcm tu, for the time being, tak boleh sbb we still live with my parents, mak tu marah kalau asyik bawak cucu dia jalan2..huhu..haru betul.

isabelle said...

apa lagi babe?
buat la satu entry berani dgn demo the new pants and the conventional jeans...
untung2 buleh influence mak2 lain membeli.hehe. btu not for me la... the bulge is not to be hidden for the next few mths!

Em's Family said...

ye jun i selalu suke plan ape i buat tapi my Mr suke buat bende dan dan

Em's Family said...

ye jun i selalu suke plan ape i buat tapi my Mr suke buat bende dan dan