I So Need A Break!

I'm a little stumped and feeling a little tired from what's happening to people around me.

I dunno what is it with damsels in distress. Why do people keep getting involved in situations that pull them lower and lower every single time? Could it be that they are either so damn unlucky all the time or do they subconsciously put themselves in that situation on purpose? Does it bring so much pleasure to them knowing that there are people who'd come to their rescue every single time and do they feel some kind of power knowing that there are people who'd drop everything for them so that they don't feel so lonely?

Why do some people allow themselves to be the victims of circumstances? If you had put yourself in such a situation when you darn well know the consequences, is it fair for you to cry foul and for everyone to come to your rescue? After awhile, it gets pretty mundane and I cannot help but to question why... why are you constantly in the dumps? Haven't you learnt anything? And when will you listen to your gut feeling?

Seriously, I feel awfully tired. It's not that I don't care... I do... I will do anything in my powers to support you even if I know it's a lost cause. But I cannot do that all the time... I cannot have people suck my positive energy because what will be left for myself or for my family who depends on me for my constant attention?

Sometimes, I feel that people out there do not really need help. Yes, they come crying for help but they don't listen. They keep repeating their mistakes and for what? Why? And when I tried to relay my message across, that makes me the bad person?

Can you only come to me if you really need help and want to help yourself? Because I could only do so much. I need my energy for more important things... material stuff are just petty to me.

So, what am I gonna do? Cry foul to someone else when I put myself in this situation? I need to get out and I don't seem to be able to get my message across clearly although I've been frank enough. You may think I am selfish but then, you are too. Just get up already... open your eyes for just one minute and start to take control of your life. You just have to.


Em's Family said...

sometimes the best thing is to just listen what they are goinbg to say, cos actually people just want us to listen and be sympathy to them, kan..

cheers :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

I used to have friends call me for hours and tell me all their problems.. actually they already know the solution.. they just need me to give them a swift kick in the behind ..hehe (I don't do the whole .."oo..poor thing, life must be very tough on you" thing).. but then.. I think that's why they call me.. coz they keep getting the same syruppy answer from others..

Need a break? Have a Kit Kat.. (I've found that this actually works!)

Sarclover said...

I feel you.

And you know how I feel about this. To me, the only person who can pull you lower or higher is yourself.

Some of them expects you to listen and help, and when you do, you are then told to just save it simply because, that is not the thing they want to hear from you.

They want to hear from somebody else the things that they themselves would like to say to themselves.

If so... why ask for our opinion/help?

Ntahla babe.

Nia said...

they got their negative aura..& suck positiveness out of you. i do symphatize to this kind of people but like you, i pun penat jugak dah..haha..