1 Superkids Do.

I was at the 1SK gathering recently and it was so good to be able to see friends I've accustomed with in the blogworld, again :)

Frankly, in the earlier communications between SK and MBP, I had the impression that us Ambassadors are not obligated to volunteer as the committee member for this event. Thus, I kinda took things for granted until I saw the online banner with MBP's logo next to SK. Since I am, part of MBP, I told the one that this is one event that I would need to attend.

I arrived an hour late because we tried getting our little pwincesh to take her nap so that we can avoid any cranky scenes at the event. But, after failing to coax her to sleep, we decided to make our way albeit the heavy rain.

All the way, even before we left the apartment, the one was complaining about the destination that's not even listed in the GPS. As I am useless with maps, we got lost in search of the place in Puchong and arrived just as the rain subsided...

CikLilyPutih and Nia were busy working when I arrived :)

I had to ask some people where the registration table was and thank god I saw some familiar faces... Cik Fid and Cik Lily were on hand to receive guests, and they were drenched in probably rain + sweat. Kesian pulak tengok... but they are hardworking people and I applaud their perseverance despite the lack of proper registration area and chairs for them to sit.

Cik Fid... kenapa muka macam tak puas hati je tu hehe... ;P

I was also surprised to bump into a dear friend, who once was probably my biggest enemy in school. Yeah yeah... we've gone past that immaturity, admitted our foolishness and now appreciate the rekindled friendship since about a year ago... I guess when you've already seen the worst of each other, there's nothing else to hide from one another. That may be a good recipe for a strong friendship, don't you think?

This is Yanti but I call her, Mario, which is also part of her real name :)

Mira and I at her booth.. oh, if you are wondering, that's not a bun on top of my head ok... there's someone at the back ;P

I also met Mira, who took a booth that day. We got to know each other at the FRISO event late last year and have remained blog-friends since. Sayang she didn't have her handsome Emir with her, though, since she needed to work at the booth... there won't be any place suitable for him to rest anyway. *suddenly remembered our MBP 1st anniversary do not too long ago, where babies and toddlers were able to sleep soundly on picnic mats under a relaxing breeze*

After awhile and feeling a little 'lost' at the venue, I decided to check out the place. Although I had the impression that it was to be a family gathering, there were many activities that were held concurrently in the 2-storey shoplot and I guess because of the separate areas for each activity, I was a little confused as to the programmes that were running or will be held. There were so many people and since the place was not baby and stroller-friendly, we weren't able to push little jj who's sound asleep in her stroller, up. So, the one waited downstairs minding his own business while I went up to check out the activities.

The first floor was packed with people listening to talks on baby-wearing on one section and how to don the tudung in another section.

I guess the second floor held a more fun-filled activity for the kids and I could tell that they were extremely happy being entertained by clowns despite the room being so dense and hot like sauna.

Since I only arrived around 3.30pm when the event supposedly started at 2pm, I may have missed out on the Playhouse Disney feature. What was featured from them aside from the goodie bags? Were there any characters from Disney who came by that day?

the clowns were amazing and I shall elaborate more later ;P

caught Kak Ros all sweaty and tired, and managed to catch up with Belle again :)

As it was hot hot hot up here, a lot of us went downstairs after awhile. But this was where the fun truly started for us (my family, I mean...). Well, little jj finally got up from her beauty nap and we adjourned to the F&B tent so that I could feed her some food which I brought from home.

While I was busy feeding her, I was so happy to bump into my coursemate in uni, Eizan, who's the Editor of NUR magazine. I almost didn't recognise her and so glad that she waved to me... I am so proud of her achievement and it was so good to be able to catch up with her... NUR did a demonstration on how to don the tudung earlier on. There was also a complimentary issue from NUR in the goodie bag and I became much more interested in the magazine after finding out that she's the editor! Oh, I must read the magazine from now on... the content looks quite interesting...

After awhile, the 2 clowns that were hired for the event came by the tent and entertained the kids there by doing fun things with the balloons. We even chatted a little and started making silly jokes with them. Soon as we knew it, one of the clowns started asking some silly questions for the small audience to answer correctly. Balloons were given to those who could give them the correct answers ;P

I think Tifa's Farhan got one of the nicer crafted balloons in a form of a puppy riding a bike while little jj only managed to get a kitty balloon hehe...

little jj couldn't stand seeing the foot pump while daddy tried many attempts to answer the mind-boggling question thrown by the clowns...

little jj really was mesmerised by the pump from the start...

see where her foot was placed?? ;P

totally oblivious to what the clowns were doing and not afraid of them at all hehe... that's my girl!!

this was the best balloon towards the end of the event, when so many attempts to answer a question failed until hubby dearest became the most loyar buruk guest who attended the event that day and answered the question with flying colours ;P

All in all, the clowns saved the day for us. I guess I missed out on the opportunity to meet 50 of the best bloggers according to InTrend (which was part of the feature listed on 1SK invitation) and I didn't get to see any launch gimmick for the 1SK Club nor found anyone who could explain to me what the club offers to its members... ish buat malu je ambassador tak tahu all these info. Sorry folks... as I said earlier, I probably misunderstood the initial communications regarding MBP's involvement in this event. All the committee were super duper busy and looking for someone who's not preoccupied with something else was difficult since all of them seem to be running around everywhere. But... I felt glad that we all managed to say our hi's and ho's even if it was done super quick :D

Still, I expected that there were much more activities that promote togetherness rather than kids and adults being involved in activities individually. Then again, I guess us parents would be just happy knowing that our kids had a great time. Well, little jj loved the clowns because she simply loves balloons; my eldest enjoyed the magic show the clowns did upstairs; my the one had his perasan dose karaokeing (yup! that he did...) while I, I had a great time being able to catch up with friends be it blogger buddies, acquaintances and old friends.

I am especially touched that Cik Lily gave this to me at the end of the event. I was admiring this pinned on her t-shirt. Thank you so much, Cik Lily :)

I appreciate it so much that I turned it into an accessory for my E72. lovely ;)

Did any of you manage to make it to the event?


MamaSeni said...

I was there around 4pm before we headed to the Curve and IKEA to celebrate Mother's Day..saw you, but malu pulak nak tegur..hehe..

Fid said...

aa aa la apasal erk muka tak puas ati....kakakakkkaaaa

toughcookie said...

alaaaa kenapa tak tegurrrrr?? haiiyyaa... hehe... janganlah segan. i ni bukannya selebriti pun. hanya seorang blogger biasa. you balik awal ke? so many people balik awal.

cik fid,
kihkihkih.... ha-ah kenapa ek? ;P

CikLilyPutih said...

u had been tag!

Em's Family said...

i heard the last part "eh ade orang nyanyi karoke lah", since from the earlier, the MC kept announcing those who was interested to sing a song, please come forward.. and ya da ya da, ur the one was sporting babe :)

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
i buat tag you one of these days ya... tengah mood malas sebab weekend yang sangat penat. but thank you for the award *muahhhhss*

hehehhhh... dia memang gitu. suka nyanyi je keje dia kalau orang announce ada karaoke especially kat weddings hehe...

unlisted_one said...

Juan, u suka ya felt name tag tu? nanti i try buat utk u ya.insya Allah.

P/S: Tapi, i kena belajar dulu mcm mana nak buat tu..sabar ya..hehe

toughcookie said...

alaaaa you ni sweeeeetnyeee... thanks sangat. yes, i suka tag tu sebab cantik sangat. i tanggalkan pin kat belakang dia tu lepas tu sangkut je ke cangkuk untuk phone chain tu.

btw, i dah dapat your gift. thanks a lot! buat sendiri ke fridge magnet tu?

isabelle said...

mengapakah gmbr huduhku itu kao publish di sini juan?adoiyaiiii