they come in many forms and sizes.

The one and I were heading towards his parents’ place since one of his sisters will be leaving for a rural area in Sabah, to teach. We had to brave heavy traffic, some parts almost stationary, due to the many road closures from the demonstration that occurred some time earlier.

And, this idiot made the driving experience more frustrating as he knocked into our car during the terrible traffic.

I seriously could not understand how one can knock so hard into a car in front when traffic was moving oh so slowly. I mean, how fast can you drive in that condition for you to not be able to hit the brakes on time?

I was fuming mad simply because I had already noticed this particular car trailing so near to us from 1km back. I cringe every time the one had to brake because I always felt like the stupid driver was going to run into us as he would drive so fast and unfailingly get so close behind us, probably to prevent other cars from cutting in front of him. I find that really stupid and selfish as he was compromising others' safety. I was even angrier since little jj is sitting at the back! Does he like his baby to be knocked from behind?

The one got out of the car and I made sure I got out too since I know he wouldn’t really make a big scene. I, on the other hand, although didn’t throw a bitchy fit, I made quite a scene especially with my heavily spotted and marked skin from the chicken pox I just contracted from little jj (little jj has recovered from it about 2 weeks ago). I knew I received quite a few stares with my skin heavily slathered with calamine lotion. But I didn’t give a hoot because I was mad and I made sure to let this asshole know what an idiot he was!

He didn’t offer any apology and was stupidly defensive – as immature as his driving skills! In fact, he hinted that all should be well since our car wasn’t dented. I was quick to point out how stupidly he drove as he was trailing so near from back then. I told him to relax since ALL of us want to get to where we are heading as quickly as possible and it doesn’t help at all with him driving like that. And I repeatedly told him not to trail too near. Bloody asshole.

The one showed him the chip in our paint on our bumper and he seemed a little scared since he should be paying us for a paint job to the entire bumper but as much as I was angry, I was very aware of the further traffic jam that we were creating… since our trunk could be opened and closed, I didn’t want to waste much more of our time, especially on a moron who obviously didn’t pay much attention in school to learn to apologise.

In the first place, the fact that he’s driving a Kancil, he should very well know that the brakes of his car is not as efficient as most sedans because of the much smaller tyres. But more so, as a lesson to any of you, there’s no point being reckless and impatient on the road because it will not bring any good to anyone when this situation occurs. Even if you don't love your own life, do take into consideration that others love their lives, their family and hard-earned money. Come on lah!


Reza Amir said...

I bet he almost pissed in his pants when you took the picture! Hehehe..

whm6840 said...

ergh, look at his face, duh!

One and only time (this far) I knocked a BMW at back bumper while driving. Not because of speeding but I was really unfamiliar with the road and I hesitated.

I knew I was wrong and the first thing I said as I got out of the car was "sorry - how much do I have to pay"

But I guess, I didn't cause any scratch the guy said "It's ok. Tak de apa ni".
Or may be also he thought - Alah budak ni tak mampu nak bayar harga cat bumper aku ni...

Apology does matters

konot said...

hehh... bengong punya org.. obviously was his mistake, lagi mau defensive.. would be easier klu he just apologized..

i oso pernah buat once dulu.. in my kancil with balqis and my 2 anak sedaras, then kat traffic light, i forgot to tarik handbrake, sbb busy yelling at the kids suruh diorang diam (yea yea blaming the kids heheh). then suddenly i heard loud honking from car behind, and just in time i sempat step on the brake, my car betul2 cium the MERCEDES behind me!

i was like OMG mati lah aku!!!!

then the driver berenti sebelah i, muka mcm nak pukul i dah.. then i angkat tangan tunjuk sorry sign, dgn muka nak nangis, berkali2 angkat tgn and say sorry..

the kids dah terdiam.. baru nak diam.. tau takutt...

then the driver agaknya tgk dgn bebudak ramai, and tgk muka i pun nak nangis.. then he just smiled and said "it's ok"..
fuhh.. lega!!

Chech said...

Thank God Little JJ was fine.

Yes, apology does matter.

toughcookie said...

tu lanye... i'm sure he was like wondering uiihh apasal minah ni want to take the photo kan? *pees in pants*

uiiihhh... masa tu you dah kawin ke belum? recently, i baca dalam newspaper or magazine about this story of a successful businesswoman. she met her soulmate when she knocked his BMW ok! terus the guy jatuh chenta and marry her hehe... power tak power?? tapi sekarang too late la for you hehe...

hi konot,
your story is so funny... haaa baru tau bebudak tu kan hikhikhik...

dear chech,
yup... if he had apologised, the photo won't even be up here. i once pernah took a photo of a guy who main duduk je kat my table in ikea without even asking if he could 'share' the area. tapi since his wife was so sweet siap main2 ngan jada, i let that photo pass :)

all these boil down to simple sopan santun us as malaysians.

Amy said...

Gilerrr..I will be fuming mad too! Dah la ada baby dlm kereta. Am glad Jada is ok *hugs*