A new find.

I think, I've found a new favourite online baby-shopping website. Just a few minutes ago :)

Well, I'm planning to join my brother and my parents for a short trip this coming school holidays. The thing is, the date of the trip coincides with a major conference that the one will be involved in. So, seeing that I'd be travelling alone with the baby and would prefer not to assume that my brother and my parents will help out since they'd be busy with shopping, I decided to google away for a nice diaper bag on-the-go after browsing thru those normal sites I'd always go to (ie. myBBstore and theBabyLoft). Our current diaper bag may not be that comfy for me to lug around if I need to move away from the shopping group to feed the baby on my own and therefore, I'd need to have the diaper bag with me at all times.

Thank you to google, I came across this site, LittleWhiz.com and am totally impressed with the products on sale. They have so much more range of products than my usual hunting site and the prices are pretty competitive too... in fact, I was gawking at the price of the Bumbo seat that is waaay cheaper than what I got from myBBstore and probably a little bit lesser than what BabyLoft had offered a few months back. And, they have this baby cot that I've been eyeing which is offered at a really attractive price as compared to the one which was on sale at Atria's Planete Enfants last weekend.

What truly intrigued me is the fact that they also carry brand names that you might not be able to find in other online stores or even most shopping outlets as they may not be that popular (maybe!). Best example - where else can you find the Hoppop diaper bag that can be converted into a child seat?? - a clever solution for those travelling to places that may not be baby-friendly yet mommy is a stickler for discipline ;P

I think LittleWhiz is pretty new in the market because I have never come across it before. Although the site lacks an interesting layout, the products that they carry and the way the products are described works well for me!

Bravo to competition, eh?

Now... I am highly eager to get my hands on one of their diaper backpacks... and am spoilt for choice. Oh man...

Looks like I am back to shopping in myBBstore because I find the delivery duration of 3-7 days by LittleWhiz a total turn-off... hehe... I had actually already confirmed the order until I read the delivery time. Lucky thing I opted to pay thru online banking instead of credit card. I mean, why would you want to wait that long when you know you can obtain the goods the next day. Furthermore, the diaper backpack that I wanted displayed the same price and a lesser delivery cost. Speedy, more efficient service beats everything else. Well... unless there is any good reason for me to shop at Little Whiz, I guess I'll stick to what I am familiar with, for now.

Hehe... so much for that excitement ;P


Anonymous said...

hishh mahal jugak barang2 baby kat msia kan? ... hmmm

emly2175 said...

dear, that online shop littlewhiz has been around for quite some time ... going shopping-vacation? so nice... ;) enjoy yourself k..

toughcookie said...

why laa do you think i borong baby stuff in london. good quality stuff memang mahal kat mesia ni. you make sure you bring home la some good stuff cos you will hardly find good deals here.

oh, i didn't know that cos they never appeared in my google search before. vacation tu just to be fair to the little munchkin since he couldn't follow us to london haritu. thanks, dear... you take care k...