Food for thought.

I don't know about you mommies out there but during my recent visit to Cold Storage, I was looking for the below item...

the farley's rusks we all used to grow up with
(image from a thai website)

but found this instead...

like really??

Yes, I was shocked at my finding and was quick in looking around similar packages next to it. I mean, at RM17+ for a box of 9, I wondered if Farley's Rusks were ever that pricey... gosh... I really couldn't remember since it has been more than 10 years since I last bought them.

I saw Milna Rusks, and I saw Pureen baby biscuits but only this Farley's Rusks - in 2 range, Original and Reduced Sugar.

Since I didn't have time to look around and buy time as little jj's lunch time was coming near, I quickly took the box and not think too much of it. All I could think of was it was probably an imported pack.

Later that day, I picked up the one at the lrt and upon arriving home, I told him about it.

Here is something really funny I'd like to share with you about my loving husband... one thing about him that you simply can't shake off is his ability to always answer any questions even if he really doesn't have the right answer to the question. He could be so convincing that I used to even doubt my own knowledge on things ;P

He said to me that there are many 'farley's rusks' around and I shouldn't have chosen the imported version... he even named Milna as one of them when I knew very well that Milna's product is named, Milna Rusks. Even if I am not en expert in baby food, with a background in branding, I knew that logically, there should only be one Farley's.

And the one being the one, he'd usually start googling after he has given a convincing answer ;D

We actually found out that Heinz bought over Farley's a long time ago... more than 10 years but they only did the re-packaging a few years back. Heh... I just know this now.

Anyways, little jj seems to really love them. I have fed her along with my milk but she also enjoys them even when mixed with plain boiled water.

And she seems to get hungry easily since she usually only finishes less than half of the ice-cube portion of them carrots/potato + cauliflower/apples/pears/etc. As a mommy, my motherly instincts kinda tell me that her night cries may not only be due to her teething, but probably also due to some craving for food before her early bedtime.

Although the one was discouraging me for fear of over-feeding and moi defying the advise from Annabel Karmel, I still strongly feel that I wouldn't be over-feeding her since her food intake is according to her stomach capacity. I've never forced food down on her when she couldn't finish her portion and I end her meal time with breastmilk. Therefore, I believe she is consuming the right amount, just enough to fill her tummy.

As of last 3 nights, I started adding those rusks to her diet, pinching only 1/3 of the digestives and mixing them with water. The one saw how much it changed her moods at night. She'd always go cranky before bedtime but once she was feeling full, she either slept easily or she could just play on her own quietly, not bothering any of us for us to pick her up.

I actually bought the rusks as finger food since she's already picking up things and stuffing every little things into her mouth. But then again, I really shouldn't encourage feeding her everytime she stuffs her face because I am a little paranoid when I see photos of slightly overweight little girls posted on albums in facebook.

How does one really control food intake in infants?

I've googled on the net on how many times I should really feed my baby but there is no right or wrong answers found.

When I reviewed what I give little jj, I would like to believe that I've been feeding her a healthy diet. I mean half an ice-cube portion of carrots or potatoes or apples, etc. at every meal time does sound pretty healthy to me. But instead of 2 meals a day, I'm feeding her 3 meals a day... but they are still healthy food, I think.

Well, her next doctor's appointment is due this Sunday. Let's see what he says about it.


Jeffery said...

Hi, I'm Jessen Baby Centre admin. Mind to put my website into your blog roll? :) You're using the photo in my website :)

toughcookie said...

Hi Jeffery,
I'm sorry if I am offending you but I do not condone free advertising in my blog unless I get paid for it ;) furthermore, I write based on my experiences with certain products and no one pays me for my reviews.

I've gotten another old farley's rusks photo from another source. This post is not an advertorial and I'm merely being general about how the previous packaging of Farley's Rusks look like - not misusing any photos for my benefit.

any future free advertising to be emailed to me direct or comments will be deleted. thanks.

P/S: thank you for notifying me of the earlier use of your old farley's rusks packaging and I humbly apologise for the ignorance.

Nour said...

Hi Juan,
I have a confession to make, I still "curi" furley rusks from my lil nephew and nieces for my own consumption...Loove the I can imagine how kids can go googoogaga with it as well :)

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

babe, honestly, i wouldn't know whether i've overfed or underfed areya.... when she was at jada's age, i fed her twice a day and 3x/day when she's 8mo.... likewise, i always follow my instinct, u know, sometimes u can just 'rasa' that she's hungry....

areya didn't really fancy farley's rusk (the last time I bought it was early last year and packaging wise still the same old farley's rusk that I know), so, end up I yg makan all her rusk tu ......

owh...I love Cold Storage's baby finger food section....

toughcookie said...

dear nour,
hehe... you know, when i was googling for the images of farley's rusks, one of the links says that this digestives is also popular amongst college kids!

tapi, for a price of about RM2 a piece, our college kids (IPTA) makan biskut marie only kot hehe.

haiyoh... you ahh... ;P

best kan the biscuit... my little munchkin didn't like it either when he was a baby but his sister ni lain pulak ;)

since i didn't want to give anything too heavy for her dinner, i started out with those rusks and gradually fed her rice porridge once she's used to having dinner.

i love cold storage for its range of items that you cannot find in other supermarkets. wonderful, eh?