I don't give a damn what you think.

So... I learnt that people can be so concerned over the negative meaning of sentences instead of taking the entire paragraph as a whole.

And, I learnt that the most intelligent or successful of people can be just as insecure and inferior of those around them, simply by interpreting the worst and believing in the truth of what's written when it can be fictitious, a general sweeping statement or simply an opinion voiced out with no malicious intention.

Plus, time and again, although many bloggers (I don't mean bloggers who use their site as a 'professional' medium to voice out their opinions) have wrote many times that what they write is a representation of that particular time and does not in any way symbolise an entire lifetime of personal views carved in stones, some people will just interpret what they want to interpret. That is why you can read so many blogs where today they'd say one thing and the next week they'd say another. You just cannot judge a blog (generally, I mean).

Well, like they say, when you write something out in the open, you'd have to be open enough to accept anything that comes your way. I just don't get this, actually... because where many people write to gain attention, some of us write just for the passion of it... we love to write, people love to read what we write, and so we write. We get the necessary self-satisfaction out of knowing that what we write can inspire others... that what we write can make a difference in some people's lives... that what we write relates to so much of what another goes thru...

That last point, I so agree... cos that was what brought my heart closer to my the one... it was thru his writing that made me fall so hard for him as I felt for him the way I knew he would feel for me too if he had read me much earlier.

Sometimes, what we write is just a view right out from the mind or the heart... no bad intentions... the only bad intentions would be to highlight the problem for others to learn from it... and that is good from others' perspective.

So, when one takes in something so negatively from something so simple, orang tu yang makan cili, I guess. I won't regret it one bit if the whole world understands what someone is writing while one or two person perceived it differently. After all, all of us are different. You can't simply control one's mind to adhere to what you think is right... because sometimes, when you dig deeper, what you think is right may only account for 2% of what's more important. You lose the meaning, you lose the lesson, you lose.


Inn said...

I'm so with you on so many points here dear.

Especially so on writing becoz one loves to write. And trust me, there were a lot of occasions where what you write had inspired me.

To me... U are one person who alwys writes from her heart and u genuinely share it with others for the sake of sharing. Reading you always makes me smile. And sometimes... makes me wanna hug you. in gratitude. always. Just because. *HUGS*

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

thanks babe! i am always inspired by what you wrote and to this, thank u to you babe... u take the words out of my mouth.... and the point that you made in the last para was what my hubby tried to drill into my (stubborn) head and I could not agree more.....